People have predicted the takeover of AI for a very long time. From highly anticipated science fiction movies to real-life debates, the discussion about whether or not advanced technology will “take over” will not come to a conclusion anytime soon. In fact, there has been one question in particular that people have been asking each other for over four decades: Will robots take accounting jobs? 

Will Robots Take Accounting Jobs?

Suppose you are trying to manage your new business on your own. In that case, you have no doubt shopped for accounting options that will help you streamline everyday bookkeeping needs, manage payroll, and prevent a lapse in financial tracking – all while saving you the costs of hiring an entire team of personnel. Indevia has spent countless hours researching the most affordable online accounting options for independent business owners and franchisees who need some help with bookkeeping catch-up. You might get a lot of benefits out of automated, AI-based technology that can be catered to your needs. But you may also have questions or concerns about how exactly all of these highly complex and secure accounting tasks can be completed by a computer.

Today, we’ll shed some insight into the current state of accounting, highlighting any threats to human employment and comparing the benefits of automated accounting to the pros of human-led bookkeeping services. 

Glass Half Empty: Many Accounting Jobs Can Be Automated

Whenever a new piece of technology hits the market, it is easy to be clouded by fear of the possibility that this new tech can replace one’s job. While many try to resist new changes in the name of tradition and job security, others are already convinced that an AI takeover is “inevitable”. In fact, a group of folks at Oxford University created a machine to determine the likelihood that a job will be taken over by computers. A lot of accountants worriedly use that tool to gauge their chances of keeping their jobs – and the prospects don’t look good.

However, taking a glass-half-empty approach to this evolution in accounting is not always ideal, especially since there are a number of ways that expert accountants can use these emerging technologies to their advantage. Rather than taking jobs away, many jobs in the field of accounting are simply being redefined. 

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Glass Half Full: Automation Keeps Jobs And Frees Up Time

There is a bright spot on the landscape of the future. While the spread of automated accounting services may seem like a slight to the work many accountants do by hand, it can actually support a bookkeeper’s job by acting as an assistant. By taking over many of the mundane, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks that many accountants are laden with, automated accounting systems can quite literally get the busywork done while the human accountant is free to focus on more important financial matters. 

The Oxford University experiment was countered by a new study; this new research project completed by the Brookings Institution predicted that jobs at risk for replacement are those with repetitive and small tasks. While this may drastically change the landscape of accounting as we’ve come to know it, there are many ways to turn this unstoppable advancement of technology into something that can greatly impact any accounting team’s performance, efficiency, and organization. 

Try Automated Accounting For Your Growing Business

Another reason for widespread fear and panic surrounding the “takeover” of robotics in the accounting department is the broad-sweeping belief that computers are going to replace humans across the board. From the most mundane task to complex and high-stakes projects, automated accounting has a place as an assistant among the experts who know the industry better than any person (or any machine). 

You don’t need to worry about having an entire department or team of accounting professionals replaced by robots, dooming you to never speak with a human again in order to get your bookkeeping tasks done. Today’s automated accounting services are built with the idea of supplementing your business in mind. By getting rid of the risk of human error and freeing up a monotonous schedule by delegating monotonous tasks to a custom program, you can actually set yourself up to have much more success than you ever would without computerized assistance. 

It’s hard to pass up the idea of accessing a fully customized dashboard with all of your accounting details stored in the same place. No matter what kind of business you are running, you are sure to benefit from an accounting framework that guarantees zero errors, zero delays, zero late payments, and zero tax problems. Once you’ve built up this framework, you can assign the rest of your tasks to the expert humans who will ensure that your accounting department runs like a well-oiled machine – no matter how many or how few machines you actually have under your employ. 

Get Ahead Of The Curve And Boost Your Company’s Finances With Indevia

To learn more about robotic process automation for accounting, visit us online and find an available service that matches your needs. We specialize in delivering custom-built packages with full accounting automation, payroll management, and even catch-up bookkeeping. No matter your needs, you can stay up to date on the latest developments in accounting – without losing any humans – when you get in touch with us today.

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