Top 10 Guest Expectations at Hotels

Top 10 Guest Expectations at Hotels

Whether guests are at your hotel for business, pleasure, or both, their experience can have a serious impact on your brand and its success. Understanding their needs and expectations can be highly beneficial. Consider these top 10 guest expectations at hotels.

Top 10 Guest Expectations at Hotels

Providing a great experience while your guests stay at your hotel is important. Consider the following guest expectations so you are prepared to meet their needs.

Fast and Modern Check-in Procedures: 

A combination of factors have led guests to have higher expectations when it comes to checking into their hotel. The pandemic and advancements in technology have created a need for more efficient check-in procedures at hotels. Mobile check-ins and digital room keys have become much more commonplace. Additionally, hotel services that can be accessed digitally are also a guest expectation. Convenience improves hotel guest experiences and can result in monetary benefits for the hotel. 


From the moment guests enter the hotel grounds to the time they check out, cleanliness is a serious guest expectation. Cleaning to ensure health and safety standards is the bare minimum. Cleanliness beyond that is an expectation, so it’s important to have a well-trained cleaning staff. This can minimize health outbreaks and improve the guest’s overall experience. 

Smooth and Efficient Communication: 

Guests expect to have the hotel staff available at their fingertips during their stay. This is why smooth and efficient communications methods before, during, and after their stay are crucial. It’s important to be ahead of the curve and anticipate your guests’ needs so they continue to come back to your hotel.  

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Value for the Money: 

With the recent issues associated with Airbnb stays, now is a great time for hotels to demonstrate their value. Guests are willing to pay for the services they are provided, but they are keenly aware of when they are getting ripped off. Social media has made it abundantly clear which companies are invested in their consumers. Avoid additional fees, hidden costs, and overcharging as it can have a serious impact on your hotel’s overall brand. Run your numbers with hotel online bookkeeping to ensure you are providing guests with the best value for their money. This can build your brand, establish loyal customers, and even improve your bottom line.   

Mobile Information and Ordering: 

The reliance on smartphones has created a great opportunity for hotels. Providing mobile-friendly concierge can be highly beneficial. In fact, in looking at food and beverage sales alone, hotels that offer contactless ordering can increase sales by 30%. Investing in this technology can increase profits and allow you to focus on providing guests with world class services. Consider outsourced accounting to determine where to invest your time to create a guest experience that is unparalleled. 

High-Quality Service: 

With the differences in generations, it’s important to understand how to cater to your guests. Younger generations are expecting a more authentic experience in terms of service. They also prefer less human interaction and engage in contactless options. However, older generations prefer more rigid standards when it comes to customer services as pleasantries and manners are key. No matter what generation you are catering to, consider their expectations and provide high-quality service based on their unique needs. 


The environment and sustainability has become increasingly more popular. Guests now expect hotels to incorporate sustainable alternatives that demonstrate their commitment to the environment. Going paperless, using solar energy, and other eco-friendly features have become more commonplace at hotels.

Personalized Experience: 

Personalizing your guests’ experiences during their stay can reap major rewards in terms of loyalty. Understanding the purpose of their trip and including a personalized note when they arrive can be beneficial. If it’s a special event like a birthday or anniversary, consider including flowers in their room to commemorate the experience. An individual touch can ensure your guests are happy during their stay.

Quality Lighting: 

Lighting has become a serious consideration among guests. Creating a mood with ambient lighting is important to set the tone. Lighting that is too bright can evoke a clinical feel, while not enough lighting can pose safety issues. Work closely with an interior designer to be sure the lighting is just right. 

Captivating Aromas: 

Las Vegas does an excellent job of utilizing aromas in their hotels. Many often have a signature scent that can be recognized right away. People’s sense of smell is often their strongest sense, so it’s important to consider that. Find a light scent that will keep your guests wondering what the wonderful smell is.

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