How to Increase the Productivity of Your Team

How to Increase the Productivity of Your Team

When there is a job to be done, we are all relying on our team to do it, and we all give our best to complete the job. But productivity can be about more than simply putting in effort. Let’s look at how to increase productivity of your team.

How to Increase Productivity for Your Team

As a Leader, we need to find a way to increase your team’s productivity and to help them give their best.

How are you going to do that? Maybe you already have some tools that you are using, but allow us to assist.

At Indevia, we have had the same problem and we have done some research that helped us see more clearly what the factors can make people more productive and remain focused, especially when we have a tight deadline.

Here are some of the things that we have discovered and applied:

1. Make your team happy!

Believe it or not, happiness plays a vital role in productivity. It has been proven time and again that people work more efficiently and effectively when they feel happy. Respect your team and do the best you can to keep them happy by:

  • Motivating and encouraging them to perform better
  • Showing you appreciate them
  • Staying connected with them
  • And most importantly, creating a pleasant and tension-free work atmosphere

2. Provide the team with a hassle-free work process

Everyone in the team should be well aware of three things: what they need to do, how they need to do it, and what is expected from them. Spread the work evenly and delegate every task properly. Avoid calling the team frequently when they are at working hours, which can interrupt their workflow.

3. Make people in your team a true part of the company

If people believe in what they are doing and see the direct progress of the work that they are working on, they have much more enthusiasm about the work and simultaneously they are more productive. Discuss things like the Company Mission and Vision with them, but in an honest way. Sounding preachy or disingenuine can have the opposite effect. Also, be ready to take their suggestions and recommendations on these topics.

4. Monetary Benefits

Implement a Profit Sharing policy in your company. Payout a certain amount of Profit Share to your people above and beyond the actual paycheck. Genuinely wish them a happy day and provide even a small type of celebration on their birthday (if they are comfortable with being the center of attention. Show appreciation for your people with Gift Cards and Appreciation Certificates on the job well done.

Results That Speak for Themselves

We have applied these in our company and we have seen good results. We will try to continue in this direction and we hope to bring our teamwork closer to perfection.

We would like to hear from you and to learn what you do to make your team more productive?

Feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

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