Essential Features for a Financial Dashboard 

Essential Features for a Financial Dashboard 

A business is like a machine: all parts need to be running smoothly in order to have full functionality. As a new or returning business owner, one of the ways you can ensure that everything is working as intended is to have a dashboard overview of your financials. But tons of options are out there. So let’s look at the essential features for a financial dashboard.

Essential Features for a Financial Dashboard 

Financial dashboards are essential for any big or small organization looking to stay updated on every aspect of its financial performance. This is a space that gives a complete overview of your budgetary needs, spending reports, monetary data, and any critical indicators of concern. 

A healthy financial dashboard is one of the keys to staying on track with every aspect of your business. There are many ways to set up a financial dashboard, but it is essential you create one specifically helpful to your monetary action pipeline.

Setting Up Your Financial Dashboard

A financial dashboard may look different in every enterprise. What’s important is that you customize your dashboard to keep an eye on the most crucial performance indicators of your company’s financial activities. You need a place where you can have:

  • Visual indicators of financial performance
  • Active tracking of KPIs across any industry
  • Automatic compilation of data into charts and graphs
  • Smart predictions and actionable items that you can use to make informed financial decisions
  • One space to give you a clear indication of what’s working (and what isn’t)

But it’s about more than just financial tracking; you can also automate your financial report generation needs with the right tools. A dashboard will help you streamline your transactions, keep better track of your money, and access every financial need in one user-friendly space. Between data analytics and real-time reporting, there are several key elements every complete financial overview should include.

3 Most Essential Features for Your Company’s Financial Dashboard

A financial dashboard can only help your company improve if it is set up in an efficient way. Thankfully, there are many ways to organize, set up, and automate important financial tracking information so that it can be properly displayed on your dashboard. 

Are you looking for the most powerful financial dashboard setup for your enterprise? Our Indevia accounting experts will show you the three biggest elements of a financial dashboard for any franchise or quick-service store.

Data and Metrics Tracking

The world of business is in constant motion, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest consumer trends while also trying to stay up-to-date with the company’s financial capabilities. Therefore, a franchise should especially focus on generating financial reports that can be accessed at any time, especially when you need to quickly find specific information after a new budget projection. 

Having all of your metrics and data in one location can make it easier and more convenient to make informed financial decisions. Data tracking is a core component of understanding where your company stands.


A growing franchise doesn’t just need to know what is happening in the present, but must also keep its eyes on the future. Cash flow projections and performance indicators can change drastically at any time, especially when no preemptive solutions have been planned. 

The right kind of financial dashboard will use important financial and transactional data to make better assumptions about your money moving forward. This is the part of the dashboard that you can visually personalize to keep the financial tracking process as seamless as possible. 

A Focus on Actions and Solutions

The ability to keep track of financial data and transactions is an immensely important part of any company’s dashboard. However, it should not be the sole function of this tool. A dynamic financial dashboard will also provide solutions to pressing questions that can help you make good decisions for your business. 

The best kind of financial dashboard will help you both discover and solve any pressing matters that may otherwise go unnoticed. Through a visual display of metrics and other important financial elements, you should have everything you need to build a strategy for ongoing financial success. 

Create Your Personalized Financial Dashboard on a Weekly or Monthly Basis with Indevia

Indevia financial automation solutions can help you create a unique financial dashboard to keep you apprised of your goals. Whether you are familiar with your company’s accounting needs or not, you may greatly benefit from automated accounting services to keep your finances running smoothly. 

Get in touch with an Indevia expert today and learn about our financial dashboard, tracking, reporting, and solutions services for your franchise or quick-service business.

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